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Seismic Map of Counterminous US - USGS

In order to maximize the development of the skills, capabilities and integrated communications needed to advance the prediction of CGE, the IEVPC has developed partnerships with the following organizations:

The Space and Science Research Corporation. (SSRC)

The  SSRC has established itself over the past seven years as an innovative science organization dedicated to independent research in the field of climate change. Devoid of the pressures of the current politically motivated global climate change theories, the SSRC has created an unmatched record for major climate change prediction. This record of excellence has been produced through its study of solar activity and related effects on the Earth's geophysical and climatic processes. The SSRC has correctly predicted the end of global warming, the downturn in the Earth's atmospheric and oceanic temperatures, the advent of the next cold climate era, and the Sun going into a rare state of "solar hibernation."
No other US university or government climate research organization has achieved such a record.
The SSRC is the leading organization in the USA advocating a national and international effort to prepare for the next climate change and its concurrent cold weather ill effects, including substantial crop damage and food shortages, record earthquakes and volcanism. The research of the SSRC can be found at www.spaceandscience.net.

The New Concepts in Global Tectonics (NCGT) Newsletter.

This publication has become an international success in bringing together some of the world's most innovative scientists and researchers in the field of global tectonics, earthquake prediction and volcanism. Published in Australia by a group of international geologists, this regular publication has provided a forum for new techniques and approaches to the prediction of catastrophic geophysical events. It has permitted new theories for researchers to put forward state-of-the art concepts on how the Earth transforms itself. The NCGT can be found at www.ncgt.org.

The IEVPC is actively soliciting partnerships with highly qualified organizations, universities, and government geophysical agencies that may assist the IEVPC as well as its partners in the accomplishment of their respective missions and objectives. 

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