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               Catastrophic Geophysical Event Warning Notices (CWN)

On this page the IEVPC posts its earthquake and volcano CWN's based on the stages defined in the CMWS.

The successful end of the Test Program phase 1 and 2 in summer 2015 has caused the IEVPC to re-implement its earthquake prediction process in the form of "Observations" (or CWN) that desacribe conditions that may indicate the possibility of an earthquake of greater than M 6.0 magnitude.

The following CWN s active.

1. April 17, 2017 UPDATE: New Zealand CWN: Based on increased precursor signals, the CWN for a potential New Zealand earthquake has been extended to July 17, 2017. However this quake could occur at any time now and along a line through the Cook straight passing by Wellington in a northwest to southeast direction. 

2. A New CWN has been issued for New Zealand effective February 18, 5:30 PM EST. This possible M7.0 quake has now been updated with the receipt of multiple precursors that strengthen the possibility for a quake in the region described. Se the actual CWN below. 

 3. A second update of the New Zealand CWN has been posted effective February 20, 2017 at 1:30 PM EST. This CWN describes a triangular area of NZ under consideration for this major earthquake and a possible epicenter. See the CWN below.

4. A CWN has been issued for the area off the east coast of Kanchatka.

Based on IEVPC signals confirmed with Russian government and other independent sources, the IEVPC believes there is now a likelihood of a catastrophic earthquake and possible tsunami off the east coast of the Siberian peninsula of Kamchatka.

This event is expected during 2017.

Additional details are available on the CWN below.